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Flame Spreaders
As mentioned earlier, flame spreaders part number 35305, with a flat top, are intended for Famos 120 cp burners, and flame spreaders part number 9040, with a hole in the top, are intended for Superspeed and Wonderlite burners. However, Famos 120 and Superspeed lamps can be found with any type of flame spreader (if you’re lucky and there’s one at all), so you just have to use what’s available. As the mantle will not be correct, it’s no use worrying
Wick Trimming
Wick trimmers for the Famos 120m and Superspeed lamps are virtually unobtainable. However, it is quite easy to make one. You will need a piece of 22mm copper water pipe 30mm long, and two plain, unsoldered end caps for 22mm pipe.
1. With a hacksaw, make 8 equally-spaced, longitudinal cuts in the pipe, each 15mm long.
2. Bend out four strips from the cut pipe through 90 degrees to form four tabs at right angles to each other.
3. Fit a cap on each end of the pipe and solder the whole assembly together.
4. Place the wick trimmer in the inner wick tube of a lamp, with the gallery and flame spreader removed from the burner and the wick turned down. Put a piece of 3mm diameter metal bar under each tab in turn and bend each tab down until it touches the outer wick tube.
5. Trim off the end of each tab so the tab is about 4mm wide by 4mm high.
6. Sharpen  the leading edge of each tab with a file.

To use the wick trimmer, remove the gallery and flame spreader and turn up the wick. Insert the wick trimmer and turn clockwise to
Home-made Wick Trimmer
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Unscrew the burner from the lamp reservoir. remove chimney holder A, also spreader C, and inner cone D. Wind the wick down to the lowest point and remove split pin E.
Now push the wick carrier to the highest point and withdraw wick and wick carrier from burner. Then remove pin G from wick clamping band H and open clamp until the prongs are clear.
Now insert new wick into wick carrier F, making quite sure that the black line marked on wick is level with the top edge of the wick carrier. Then insert one end of the clamping band H into the slot provided in the wick carrier. F and wind clamp around until the other end of the clamp can be inserted in the other slot provided. Then insert pin G.
Insert ends of wick into slots in burner by the paper tabs, making quite sure that the arm of the wick carrier F is on the same side as the winding rack. Pull wick down to lowest point and recouple wick carrier F to split-pin E. Replace inner cone D, making quite sure that same is firmly locked. This is most important.