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Superspeed/Wonderlite Chimney
The Superspeed chimney is different from the Famos 120 cp chimney. It has a slimmer bulge, like a modern Aladdin chimney, and is 350mm (13 ¾  inches) tall. Superspeed chimneys are extremely rare.
Superspeed Chimney (Photo courtesy of Guy Richards)
Superspeed and Wonderlite Fonts
The only style of font positively identified as being used with the Superspeed CD burner is the lamp shown on the Superspeed mantle box, and on the front cover of a Superspeed leaflet dated October 1950.
It is not known what style of font was used with the Superspeed NCD burner, or indeed if it was ever used on a lamp.
The font used with the Wonderlite burner was almost the same shape as the Aladdin Model 23 table lamp font with a jointless step, except that there is no ridge halfway down the side of the bowl. The only evidence for this is an advertising leaflet dated  November 1957.

Superspeed/Wonderlite Shades and Shade Carriers
Shade carrier tripods for the Superspeed/Wonderlite burner are gallery mounted, and the gallery has three lugs onto which the shade carrier locks, unlike the Aladdin tripod which is a push fit on the gallery. The tripod has no peripheral ring.
The 1950 Superspeed leaflet shows the arms on the carrier bent sharply upwards and the shade mounted quite high above the burner. Curiously, the shade carrier shown as an accessory looks completel;y different in shape.
The Wonderlite leaflet shows the shade mounted lower down, with the tripod not visible in the picture.
The 1950 Superspeed leaflet shows various plain and patterned acetate and parchment shades being offered with the lamp. Glass shades were apparently not offered.
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