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Superspeed/Wonderlite Mantle
The Superspeed mantle (Part No. 93907) is smaller than the Famos 120 cp mantle (Part No. 73887). Whereas the bag of the Famos mantle sits outside the base ring, the bag of the Superspeed mantle sits inside the base ring.
The Superspeed mantle comes in two types of packaging. One is simply labelled as being for Veritas Superspeed lamps. The other carries the name “Fermseet”. This presumably refers to three tabs pressed out of the mantle base ring, which make it grip the burner cone when fitted.
The Wonderlite burner uses the same mantle, but I have not found any packaging that refers to the Wonderlite.
Comparison of Famos 120 cp, Superspeed and Aladdin Mantles.
Photo Courtesy of Andy Graham-Cumming
Superspeed Mantle and Two Different Types of Packaging
The Superspeed mantle bag is comparable in size to an Aladdin mantle bag, although the knit pattern is totally different and much more complex. Unfortunately, as these mantles are much too rare to actually burn, it is difficult to estimate the light output of the three different mantles.
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