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The correct wick for the Superspeed NCD and Wonderlite burners is the 9207. This wick will fit any of the burners mentioned. Why Falks had all these different wicks when one would have done is not known. Presumably the fringed wick for the Superspeed NCD was a hangover from the Famos 120, and the side draught burners had to have a split-tailed wick. They were probably consolidated into a generic “Superspeed” wick later.
9207 Wick And Box
(Photos Courtesy of Guy Richards)
Superspeed/Wonderlite Flame Spreaders
Three type of flame spreader have been found that have a hole in the top. One of these is like the Famos 120 cp flame spreader with the flat top slightly depressed and a hole in the middle. The second has a domed top with a central depression and hole. The third is similar to the second, but has no waist. The flame spreader featured in the 1950 Superspeed lamp leaflet is the middle type. The Veritas part number is 9040.
The left-hand type may be a very early version and the right-hand type a later version, possibly introduced for the Superspeed NCD and Wonderlite burners.
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