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Wonderlite Burner
The Wonderlite burner is basically a simpler and flimsier version of the Superspeed NCD. The basket is more heavily pierced, and the wick carrier is a single piece, the gripping teeth or claws being incorporate into the top section, which can be opened.
The gallery and outer wick tube are the same on the Superspeed NCD and the Wonderlite. This gallery is also used on the Superspeed CD.
Since the Superspeed NCD and Wonderlite burners are dimensionally almost identical, the wick carrier and rack, although different, are interchangeable between the Superspeed NCD and Wonderlite.
Superspeed NCD and Wonderlite burners are very rare, and no complete lamps are known to exist. This may be due to the alleged dispute between Falks and Aladdin over patent infringements. However, the burners are sometimes found on greenhouse heaters. Note       
Superspeed/Wonderlite Gallery
Superspeed and Wonderlite burners use the same gallery, which has the following features:
1. Inner burner cone supported by a perforated baffle rather than ribs.
2. 54 holes around the top edge of the inner burner cone.
3. 48 holes around the base of the chimney “crown”, similar to later Aladdin galleries.
4. 10 Rectangular slots around the base of the gallery, much larger than those on a Famos gallery.
The two Superspeed galleries in my collection are of this type. However, two variants have been found, one of which does not have the holes, and the other of which does not have the slots.
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