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Superspeed CD Burner
The standard Famos burner was developed into the Superspeed burner by Falks around 1950. The main differences are that the Superspeed burner has flange on the top edge of the outer wick tube, and a perforated baffle over the top of the burner. The gallery is also different. The knob of the Superspeed burner is green, and carries the Veritas logo and the words “VERITAS SUPERSPEED” or “VERITAS FAMOS”. I assume that the ones marked “VERITAS FAMOS” are earlier, and that the Famos name was later dropped.
Superspeed NCD Burner
The Superspeed NCD was Falks’s first attempt to make a side draught burner like the Super Aladdin burner, and it looks very like a Super Aladdin Model B burner. The outer wick tube looks exactly like that of the Aladdin Model B, but is taller and has a larger diameter tube to accommodate the larger wick. The dimensions are so similar to a Super Aladdin that an outer wick tube from a Super Aladdin Model A will fit snugly inside the Superspeed burner basket.  
The wick raiser is no longer a complete cylindrical cage, except the top section. A removable toothed ring held in place by a pin grips the wick, which stops the wick getting caught up on the teeth when inserting it. The wick carrier is fixed to the rack by a split pin. It is not clear if the Superspeed NCD was ever used as a lamp burner. Burners have been  found with lamp galleries, but all references to the Superspeed NCD in Veritas literature and on wick boxes refer to greenhouse and convector heaters, and no reference to a lamp has been found. The Superspeed NCD in the photos came with the same gallery as the Superspeed CD. Note that the burner in the photos does not have the correct knob insert, as it was missing.
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