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Various fonts were used with Famos/Veritas burners. The one most commonly found today is what might be called the standard “table lamp” font. There were also ornate pedestal fonts of different styles. Various styles of bracket or hanging lamp fonts were also available.  

Famos 120 cp  lamps were supplied in a variety of finishes, including brass, nickel plate,
Shades and Shade Carriers
Famos lamps were available with a variety of glass, fabric and parchment shades. Of course, one could purchase a lamp without a shade and then buy any shade that would fit. One of my Famos lamps came with an Aladdin 401 shade, although it is not known if this was how it was originally purchased. Due to their fragility and limited life few, if any, fabric or parchment shades survive. Possibly they were also appropriated for electric lamps during the austerity period after World War 2.
However, the most common shade found on Famos lamps today is part number 35307, shown on the lamp at the head of this website, which also features on the Famos mantle box.
The shade carrier for Famos table lamps is a 10-inch under burner type, which locks onto lugs around the neck of the font, and has a ring around the periphery. Contrast this with the Aladdin under burner shade carrier, which was held in place by the burner, and has no ring. Some fabric and parchment shades fitted directly on the shade carrier ring. Others required a metal adapter frame that sat in the shade ring.
If your Famos lamps is lacking a shade carrier, as many are, and you want to fit a shade, you can use an Aladdin gallery-mounted tripod, which is a push-fit, as the Famos gallery and Aladdin gallery are exactly the same diameter. Because of the much shorter arms, and being made of steel rather than brass, the Aladdin gallery-mounted tripods are much more stable and less wobbly than the Famos under-burner ones, especially with a heavy shade such as an
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