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Famos 120 cp Chimney
The Famos 120 cp chimney is almost identical in shape and dimensions to early Aladdin heel-less chimneys, with a pronounced bulge.
Due to the relative rarity of original Famos chimneys, it is difficult to build up a picture of  Famos chimney logos and their chronology. The markings are also quite fragile and wear away with cleaning.
The original chimneys were made by Schott of Jena, a glassmaking company that is still in existence, and were marked as shown below. Other chimneys are simply branded ‘“FAMOS” 120 C. P. heat resisting glass’. It is not known if these were made in England by Falks or by other companies. There are also a lot of unbranded chimneys around, which may have been made by third parties for  Aladdin and Famos lamps, and which may be old or modern
Schott Chimney Logo
Unknown Maker Chimney Logo
Famos Chimney Made By Schott. The markings are very faint.
Famos Chimney By Unknown Maker
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