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Famos 120 cp Flame Spreader
The standard Famos 120 cp flame spreader consists of a cylinder with a flat top and 7 rows of perforations. The cylinder is waisted at the second and third rows of perforations. This feature is described in US patent 02133707, and is claimed to prevent fuel vapour from condensing on the flame spreader. The Famos part number is 35305.
There are several variations on Famos/Veritas flame spreaders, which are discussed later.
Famos 120 cp Wick
Because it only has to go over the inner wick tube. which is fixed to the bottom of the font, the original Famos 120 cp wick is a cylinder with a fringed bottom edge. It is suggested that this gives better wicking, but trying to get all the strands of this fringe into the font when re-fitting the burner is a real pain. Side draught burners (and Aladdin centre draught burners) which have the inner wick tube fixed to the outer wick tube, have wicks with split tails that pass either side of the fixings. Many Famos 120 cp burners have been refitted with split-tailed wicks for Veritas Superspeed burners. The correct Famos 120 wick is Famos part number 8717.
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Famos 120 Wick
Famos 120 Wick Packaging
(Photos courtesy of Bill Courter)