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The Famos 120 cp Burner
The standard 120cp Famos burner consists of a burner basket with an open top, in which sits the outer wick tube. The wick raiser knob drives a reduction gear attached to the gear bracket. This in turn drives a rack, which runs in a guide that forms part of the gear bracket. The wick is mounted in a cylindrical wick cage that slides up and down inside the outer wick tube. It grips the wick by means of six claws. The bottom of the rack is attached to the bottom of the wick cage by solder or by a rivet. The top of the rack has a toothless section that prevents the rack being wound all the way out. Do not try to force at is this could damage the gears.
Famos 120 cp Gallery
The Famos 120 cp gallery consists of a “crown” of spring fingers that support the chimney, an outer burner cone and a skeletal inner burner cone. There are several variants of the 120 cp gallery, and the galleries for Superspeed and Wonderlite burners are different. These will be
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